Horticultural Assisted Therapy

God Unlimited offers the opportunity to learn and grow through working the land. Engaging with our environment has the potential to be both educational and therapeutic.

Gul Horticultural Therapy offers:

  • Back to work programmes
  • Therapy sessions
  • Work experience
  • Education for school and youth groups

We are open to all ages and capabilities, including those with special needs. All our activities are tailored to suit individual needs and group goals.

Our programmes are run by qualified staff, with both horticultural and environmental expertise.

Programmes are usually run from our base on Salisbury Plain, where we have a charity garden and access to number of privately owned gardens. It is also possible to run programmes from your own garden or school premises.

Productive growing is increasingly being recognised as a valuable education tool, forming a platform for education about the wider environment, healthy eating and physical exercise.