Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) is an intervention designed to help people from all walks of life and states of health to improve their wellbeing through contact with horses.

Sessions may include the observation of and interaction with the horses and ponies, performing tasks together, being physically active around the horses and ponies e.g. by grooming, etc and also by riding in safely controlled circumstances.

Individual needs are unique, so EAT sessions are based on individually developed programmes which may occasionally involve the introduction of others to the sessions.

The team at Gul consists of 16 native ponies, two GP doctors, a physiotherapist, a exercise therapist, a counsellor, a Tellington TTouch practitioner as well as therapy assistants.

Horses are herd animals and instinctively sort all they meet in terms of personality and behaviour. They also have different personalities themselves and know who they feel comfortable with, both equine and human. Horses are good at reflecting our behaviour which can help us learn about ourselves

The definition of therapy used by Gul is "The use of adaptive work and play activities to increase independent function"