Thank you to our sponsors


In 2015 the peoples postcode trust PPT kindly granted Gul funds to complete its new yard, which will be used as a quieter area for calmer sessions at Gul.

Local DIY and Hardware store, great advice, friendly family team

Address: 37-39 Bulford Rd, Durrington, Salisbury SP4 8DL
Phone: 01980 655552
The staff at Bits and Pieces deserve their reputation for giving awesome advice, they have helped Gul with kind discounts for as long as we remember, Thank you.

Jayne looks after all of the hooves at Gul and does a great job at it too. Her website can be found HERE and if you ever need an endorsement of the amazing work she does then simply look at the feet of the horses at Gul or toalk to one of the yard staff.

James works to make the wider world aware of the incredible work that Gul does. Outside of work he is crazy about keeping tropical fish, ask him about it sometime... but only if you have lots of free time!

Funder and financial advice

Back in 2012 Lloyds enabled us to build our riding arena, now come 2015 they have helped us in our transition to being a CIO thanks Lloyds.

Celtic Community Church Group

PCCC or Plain Church is based in Shrewton, it is the combined desire to make a positive impact on the world and the will power to see it through that led Plain Church members to found Gul in the first place. This incredible close community support is at the heart of what Gul does. Plain Church members still donate regularly and volunteer their free time ten years on. to find out more about the church look HERE 

Local business

Rainbow 2 Ltd is a local company that has supported Gul since the beginning. Originally Rainbow 2 shared office space and equipment with Gul and continues to support Gul since the office moved up to The Bustard. Its two subsidiary companies Rainbow 2 Gardens and Salisbury Plain Safaris both donate raffle prizes to Gul events.

Stuart helps with all aspects at the yard including grooming and leading ponies and taking out rides, he is also an NHS CHAT worker and therefore a great listener and essential member of the Gul team

TTouch therapist Physio and Senior Volunteer 

Trudy regularly volunteers at Gul, donating her time, skills and passion to helping our beneficiaries and horses to be in the best physical shape they can be. her website can be found HERE

Working Partner

Over the last few years Gul has built a strong working relationship with the University, Gul is able to show there students a different perspective and offer challenging and rewarding work placements to their senior students. In return we take advantage of the often considerable competence of said students in driving the quality of Gul's provision forward

Supplier of Bit-less bridles 

Wendy supplies our bitless bridles and in doing so helps gul maintain the more holistic outlook to horsemanship that we use at our yard. Wendy is never shy with her advice when asked. you can find her blog HERE

Local Business

The Stonehenge cats hotel is helped in its work by Sally Franklin who in her time as editor of the Shrewton Arrowhead was able to offer us lots of advertising opportunities for which we are very grateful indeed. the website can be found HERE