Become a Gul trustee

God Unlimited is currently looking for practical and capable people who are interested in becoming trustees.

to find out about what a trustee does check out this link HERE. Ideally before you apply to be a trustee you will already be a Gul supporter and as a result be aware of the great work that we do. You are already sold out for our cause but as a trustee it will be your responsibility to oversee the charity and how it is run. you will be part of a team of individuals who make the important decisions affecting what Gul looks like into the future and how it conducts itself in the short term.

Gul's trustee meetings are held once per quarter at The Bustard although depending on availability we have a skype link as well. The trustees at Gul are involved in all major decisions and in the past over saw Gul's purchase of Riverside and The Bustard as well our recent restructuring. if you wish to see Gul continue to help more and more people across the country and a capable and driven individual then please speak to a member of the management team to find out more.

God Unlimited Outdoor Therapy
God Unlimited Outdoor Therapy
James Dwyer, Fundraiser, God Unlimited Outdoor Therapy