Gul Ponies

15 hand 1 Pie bald Cob

Fritha came to Gul in 2014, as one of the Gul Horses she can take riders up to 14st, she is a calm, reliable and sweet natured and has become a fast favorite at the yard

15 hand 1 Skew bald Cob

On loan to Gul from one of our senior volunteers Merlin is a real brick, sensible and unflappable. as one of the larger Horses we have on site Merlin can take riders of up to 14st.

Rosie 14 hand 2 Pie Bald Cob

Rosie came to Gul in 2015 and slotted right into the team as a safe and friendly mare.

Josie 15 hand 2 Pie Bald Cob

Rosie coming to Gul in 2015 and brings our complement of large cobs up to 3

Anna 12 Hand 2 Chestnut Welsh Section A

Anna is the darling of the yard and is much loved by all the children and toddlers who come to Gul

Ianto Miniture Shetland Pony 9 Hand

The smallest pony on the yard but with real character he can often be seen chasing Brenin around their paddock. He is a long lining and agility specialist

Dora 10 Hand

Dora is a veteran shetland with attitude she can often be found with Ianto and Brenin and is a long lining queen.

Wilson 12 hand Chestnut Welsh Section A

Wilson is a well schooled pony that loves a good canter, he is also the yard pretty boy although Brenin may have something to say about that!

13 Hand Bay New Forest

Very loud, very loving, we love you too Tash

Macduff Former Balmoral working pony 14 Hand White Highland

MacDuff is the old man of the yard and at 25 he still loves a canter. What a legend!

Curlew Former Balmoral working pony 14 Hand 2 Highland Pony

Curlew excels at horse agility and is a forward going ride!

Brenin 14 hand 2 chestnut welsh section D

A very competent and well behaved pony who is a contender in the best looking horse contest at Gul 

Morgan 14 hand black welsh section D

Bred in house, Morgan is a super star who can help out with most riding and ground exercises.