E-LEAP: Evening Lifestyle Education and Activity Programme


E LEAP is an evening programme running over a 6 week period. Designed for people aiming to make long term changes to their life to lose weight. LEAP is aimed at people with less confidence and/or physical ability and who experience pain or anxiety when exercising. By understanding personal psychology LEAP aims to inspire confidence and enable exercise for every individual attending.


E LEAP will run in a variety of locations on different days, but all evening sessions will run from 7:00pm – 8:30pm. Sessions will generally start with 45 minutes of exercise followed by a talk.


Week Number

Session Topic and Outline


Forms and assessment. Welcome to E LEAP. 7:30-8:30pm 1 hour talk on Psychology


What is diabetes? What is pre-diabetes and glucose intolerance? My future if I get diabetes will look like?


Managing blood sugars through diet. Understanding food labels. Identifying hidden sugars. Steps to reduce sugar in the diet.


Why exercise? Why is it important? How can it help manage diabetes?


Weight management? Overweight individuals are at greater risk of developing diabetes.


Goal setting. Now you know, what are you going to do? Personalised action plans to reach long-term goals.


E LEAP expanded aims

  • To educate individuals at risk of developing diabetes
  • To encourage individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle including diet and exercise
  • To reduce risk of individuals developing diabetes and lower blood sugar levels
  • To encourage weight loss in individuals at risk of developing diabetes
  • To provide individuals with a personalised action plan that enables them to reach their long term goals and lead a healthy, well balanced lifestyle
  • To inform individuals of the life they could expect if living with diabetes

E LEAP Outcomes

  • Beneficiaries will have achieved a better understanding of self, and emotions
  • Beneficiaries will have had the opportunity to experience exercise in a risk free environment with appropriate clinicians available for support and advice
  • Beneficiaries will have understood what a healthy and balanced lifestyle looks like and how they can monitor their food intake to reduce risk of diabetes
  • Beneficiaries will be motivated to start making changes and follow their goal setting action plan
  • Beneficiaries will be motivated to avoid Diabetes through lifestyle changes