Ridden Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) at Gul takes many forms but with the same objective, to improve the lives of those taking part. Ridden therapy, perhaps unsurprisingly will mean that a beneficiary will ride a horse during their session. Ridden therapy develops not only focuses on the therapeutic riding skills but also the development of a relationship between horse and rider. Ridden therapy will take place either on a one to one or group basis and uses a team approach in order to provide treatment for the individual under the supervision of trained professionals.

 Horses move in a rhythmic motion that mimics the motion of walking which in turn provides unique neuro-muscular stimulation. While riding, the horses stride acts to move the rider's pelvis in the same rotation and side-to-side movement that occurs when walking. The horses adjustable gait promotes riders to constantly adjust the speed to achieve the desired pelvic motion while promoting strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence.

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